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Default Fluke rigs

There were a number of things that I didn't like about the fluke rigs that I used last year. So... I'm getting ready to build some of my own, the way I want them set up. In looking at different fluke rigs online for additional ideas, I've noticed glow in the dark components being used in different ways. Cuz N Eddy mentioned to me once that the locally made rigs that he uses also have some glow in the dark components and he swears by them.

How much of a difference would you say this feature really makes? Obviously, if you're fishing in very deep water, there isn't much light down there on the bottom, so a glowing rig is going to get more notice visually. Fluke are opportunistic feeders, usually lying in wait for a passing meal, so it would make sense that a visual aid like this would be beneficial. But their normal table fair doesn't glow, and I know that if someone put a glowing burger in front of me I'd think twice about taking a bite, even if it did smell good.

So what are your thoughts? To Glow or not to Glow? Also, what other things about fluke rigs that you've used in the past have you really liked or disliked? I'd like to put together some real killer rigs and any input you've got would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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