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Default Re: Surfcasting Mistakes

Originally Posted by GunnySniper View Post
Why the hell are you fishing that tourist trap, with Nubble, the foreside, and the pool all beckoning a real striper man so near by?

Does the word begin with "G".
For a 1/2 second I thought I was receiving kudos from an old salt, then ya drop the 'G' word on me? Damn u Gunny, if I weren't laughing right now, my feelings would be hurt...... I spent many evenings (first mistake, not familiarizing myself with it during the day) @ The Pool, unfortunately I've been limited to the beach "next to the honey hole" 'cause I've yet to make myself a pair of korkers. I know, I know, I should just buy a pair, but $$ was tight this year and I STILL spent a boat load on fishing accessories (I'll say it for ya, that was my 2nd mistake). I got a couple/few haunts staked out and TRUST me, fishing in the tourist trap known as OOB will be minimal next year if at all. If you guys make a trip up north next year I can GUARENTEE that I won't be the "leftout kid" sitting at home. Well equipped with korkers, I'm gonna make Biddeford Pool my b**ch next year just as it made me a few times. Tight lines man, and a happy fall run to you all.

StriperHyper ~ Will
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