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Originally Posted by jon006 View Post
Also and not as relevant for near tourists....I had this lady this year crawl so far up my ass while I was fighting a good 25# bass that I had to start yelling at her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean she was stepping on my gear, and almost on my member!
You are preaching to the choir here my friend. I fish OOB in the summer and tourists alone have made me call it an early night more than once. Everything from a fresh, half shucked clam sitting right next to me thrown back into the surf (in an effort to "save it") to fat kids/surfers runing into my line to crazy Canucks tramplin on my gear and yankin on my line while it's sitting in a sand spike. What the hell are people thinking, I mean, who DOES that sort of thing? Makes the mind wonder my friend.......tight lines!!!

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