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Default Re: Knot Instruction.

that is good to know. i have tied it the conventional way with fly setup but will now test it out on the water the other way. it;s basically a locked albright but the hookset on these knots are my concern that is all. the shock factor has had the braid cut through the leader before. but fishing in spots i do there is little room for letting the bass run. ya gotta hook em and pry em out of the hole or risk getting broken off on the rocks. heavy braid and leader with no drag whatsoever. now that;s just sick and chock full of adrenaline! the one spot jim and i are aching to fish this fall is another prime example i really need the strength of the braid and shock leader to absorb the initial hit. once it is fail safe the fish is done. i promise just for the sake of arguement to give it a go and see if she is noteworthy (with pics of course)

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