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wow, i must say this is very good for a beginner fisher. i myself have never been good with knot tying, for a while i used my own kind of knot which involved 3 granny knots in the mix, then i learned how to make knuces (if thats spelled right) and ever since then, that is the only knot ill tie on my bait/inline, as far as using a shockleader i have never, but i have only just gotten into surfcasting, im usually a boat fisherman with my 7' pole, i recently orderd a 12' pole to fish at the connowingo dam in maryland, due to the need to get it out 200-250 yards. to be crude about the knuce, in my opinion it is the strongest knot out there, i have never lost a single bait or inline because of my knot, i will try out a few of these as the knuce does take some time to tie properly
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