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Default Knot Instruction.

Duplicate thread from beginners clinic

Animated Knots by Grog
The Snell Knot

First pass the tag end through the eye of the hook from the front of the hook. Only pass it through about half an inch.
Hold the shank of the hook and the half inch tag end and wrap the trace around both the shank of the hook and the tag end 7 or 8 turns.
Pass the trace back down through the eye of the hook from the back of the hook.
Pull the trace tight while holding the hook to set the snell.
There should be very little or no tag end protruding when the knot is set. Then pull tight you have a snelled hook that you can tie to a swivel with a uni knot.

You can also use a uniknot to snell a hook.

1) Thread six inches of line through the eye of the hook. 2) Hold the line against the hook's shank, and form a Uni-Knot circle.

3) Make five to seven turns through the loop and around the standing line and hook's shank.

4) Tighten by pulling the standing line in one direction and the tag end in the other.
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