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Default Re: Night fishing for river/dam Stripers?!?

I don't think he's saying to use the lights to attract the stripes, just the baitfish. Or maybe that's how I'm reading it. I do agree with you guys about the darker the better though. Here at Cumberland I don't really fish at night all year round, so you guys would probably know better. But during the shad spawn, the dark cloudy nights almost always bring more surface action and more success then the full moon clear nights.

I think the guys I was talking, about with the lights, were using the white lights to draw in shad, which you know what happens next. I didn't know these guys so I'm just speculating on what they were doing. But they did say they were striper fishing. I only use a green light to draw in bait so I can catch them to use the following morning. The darkest nights are always my fav!

By the way, nice to chat with all of you. This is a great site with alot of really good fishermen. I really enjoy talking about some of the best fishing with so many others who love to stiper fish.
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