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Question Night fishing for river/dam Stripers?!?

Is anyone here into night outings for lake or river stipers? I'm wondering becauase where I fish, everyone goes home at dark and out come the cat/spec fisheres. I mostly fish at Jim woodruff dam on the apalachicola river. I've been fishing for stipers here for a couple years (mostly the spring) but have yet to try night fishing for them. I mean I see huge schools of shad come in along the wall well into dawn. but at that point everyone is tired and they all leave.

is there a night bite for river stiperes? I grew up snook fishing and alot of that was night time fishing around bridges and inlets in st lucie county. now I live in sounth georgia so if there is a viable excuse to get me out all night fishing for striped bass I'm all for it!!!

ow dose one go about night fishing for these fish in fresh water? I read an article about using green fish lights to draw in shad that eventualy draw in striped bass. have any of you thied the green light method? how about fishing the bridge pilons at ngiht? stiped bass like bridges right? in terms of live bait, how would you rig up for night? are certain color jigs better at night?

At jim woodruff you have the dam and a rather large one at that, then about 4 or 5 hundered yards down stream is a bridge and the remnants of the old broken bridge night next to it. the bridge is right next to the boat ramp dock and you can usualy see skipjack surfacing and feeding all night long from the dock.

any kind of feedback on the night bite would be appreciated
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