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i have been fishin the canal for a while now, and it still kicks my ass every time i go. for me the best time to chunk the bottom of the ditch is when the tide is "slack"(when the current is at its slowest/shifting from incomming to out going and vise-versa) with a slower current your bait wont get dragged to the shore tangling with the guy next to ya. even with slower current i have found for me big weight or no weight is best. for bottom i use 4,5,6,8 ounce bank sinkers and heave it out as far as i can, and when i reel in i do it quick to keep from snagging, this method has cut down my lost tackle big time. when the current picks up i drift my bait with no weight. i have had some ok fish that way durring the day. at night i fish a lot closer to the edge drifting or plugging. a lot of guys use jigs but expect to lose a few lbs of lead that way. the regulars topwater at first light, be ready the strikes are short. for me the canal is a love/hate thing i hate the canal but i find myself there quite often because i know there are BIG ones in there. hang tight and try different things, you will develop your own methods of fishing the canal that work for ya over time.
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