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Default The all nighter and the car salesman

06-26-09 and the car salesman.

Tonight was my long anticipated July 4th all nighter with Captain Danny. It had to be pushed up a week this year due to the tides. But you couldn't ask for better. High tide was at 0400 in the honey hole.

We got underway with our trip about 11PM. Captain Danny was at the helm.

The first spot we hit that was so good to us last year only produced a boat load of drunken fisherman. Even though I say fisherman they were a disgrace to all boaters but truefully very comical. Every other word started with F. And I think the captain had the most to drink. In a wide open bay upon their exit they went 30 feet off our stern. They were rewarded with Danny's 25 pound mono and an eel around their prop. Wonder when they will find it?

Our second spot came up short as in one shorty in the boat. The southwest wind was our enemy and kept the drift inconsistent. A bluefish also put a hurt on my eel.

So off the the honey hole for high tide.

I met a car salesman a few years ago. We hit it off pretty well. Turns out we both loved to striper fish and we both have a fur trapping past. I have shared his boat a few times.

We made arrangements to radio fish together. About 3AM we made contact. Fishing had been slow for Captain Dan and I. We only managed a 28" bass so far as the tide crept to its highest point. Our counterpart though had caught and released many fine fish. A shutter flash caught our attention and we were informed a 32 pounder had been caught an released.

As with any good salesman he invited Dan and I over to see his new line of cars. As we approached we were bewildered at the sight. All around his boat huge striped bass were boiling.

It didn't take long and yours truly had a 30 pounder on the floor of the boat. As Dan was weighing the fish, I was digging for the camera. I never got there. Dan had put his rod in the holder as he netted my fish. Just as I was about to retrieve my camera Dan's rod came to full attention and the fight was on.

As I released my fish, Dan fought his. A beautiful 25 pound specimen, released to fight again another day.

I was quite a sight to be in a parking lot with so many find choices. One car wanted to be sold so bad it breached. I have never seen a striped bass that size fully breach. I put a down payment on one immediately. Our friend the car salesman also showed us his plugging finesse and took 2 monster bass on his own turned plugs when the dawn turned off the eel bite.

Thank you Mr. Isuzu.


With a couple hours sleep and a falling tide I ran the Great Bay lobster line. Again I started hot, cooled down in the channel and ended hot where I had no competition with other lobster traps.

Twenty five traps produced 15 keepers with the biggest, approx three pounds coming from nine feet of water. The car was heavy today.

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