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Default Re: Bugs and Bass Great Bay 2009

06-13-09 PM
Armand and I drowned eels in two holes at Fox Point till dark. Nothing. No worries, no bites. We did mark fish on the points and drop offs.

A strong southeast wind kept blowing the boat towards shore and the flats on a falling tide. The trolling motor served us well by keeping us in the drift.

What was comical were the two boats who were fishing with live bait. I know these guys from hand greetings through the years. Armand and I saw them both load up the bait wells in each boat with small live bait. Then they both zoom off.

I told Armand I had seen this before. These two boats can't keep still. So we watched them fish Fox Point. Zoom here, zoom there, zoom back get more bait. Zoom out to fish. One drift here , zoom over there. Never saw them land a fish.

At least they didn't let me down. :)

We did get chased out by a nasty looking weather system coming from the Rochester way. We joked when we got to the trestle because the system followed right behind us the whole boat ride across the Bay.

I heard a pogie report from the Bay last week. I will be keeping my eye out for that familiar wake.

It is good to be back on the water.
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