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Default April 29th striper pics

Little rainy, overcast, falling barometer, pre-front conditions. I went out with Little Casino last week for some lessons and boy they paid off!

Anyway I boated 3 fish. A 26lber, a 15lber, and one that I think would have gone about 12lbs but I released it before I could take a pic or weight it 'cause I was right in the middle of the kill zone and expected to get hit on another line at any moment. I also lost a MOHAWG ! I had a double on , and was playin the MOHAWG and tryin to reel in the other fish leaving that pole in the holder. Just more hawg then I could handle. Got them both close to the boat about the same time, when MOHAWG ran under the boat and fouled the 15lb test I had on that rod and broke off. I estimate that fish at somewhere over 20lbs. I caught the other fish, it was the 15lber. Anyway I released all but the 15lber unharmed and in great shape because she was gut hooked. I think if I would have had a partner today we could have really cleaned up, as it was very difficult to control the boat and the lines all at the same time. But I had a great time anyway. I have some pics to post but they aren't very good as it is always difficult to take pics of yourself holding a fish that is heavy and release it quickly. I felt like a one legged man in a butt kickin contest out there for a little while!

Here is a pic of the 15lber

Here is an attempt by me to get a picture of the 26lber.
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