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Originally Posted by Kirch View Post
Albany area was slow. Fish are still stratified and most are on the western side of the river. Water temp was60-61°. Only 2-3 other boats out. Drifted live and chunks in that 15-25’ takers. Anchored both shallow( hoping to find a few active feeders but only managed constant doubles of catfish on the chunks) and on the channel edge again, using live and chunks of varying sizes. Some people have done well up here this season and some have struck out completely. The silver lining is that I haven’t seen a single floating dead striper and the warming water temps should help the fertilized eggs. No dead strippers mean either the catch rate has been low or people are handling them better. Maybe both.
Water conditions have been horrible all year. Even when it cleared up it was still flowing very high and fast.

Oh well ….. I'm going to go chase lakers and salmon on George
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