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I am guessing in this coming week we could see the first sea lice bass arrive. If I had to bet on it I most certainly would ! I have been doing some holdover scouting but the fishing is poor and really more just used as an excuse to get out the house. However, I do know that some fish have been caught, but not in any great numbers.
That sweet spot of 50-57 degrees is very close to being a reality. I will be scouting the upper bay shallows religiously with light tackle in the upcoming weeks . My outfit will be a 7 inch rod spooled with twelve pound mono, 1/4-1/2 oz jigs, various plastic baits in white or shad color, 4 to six inch swimming plugs(bomber 15a my fav). A few small buck tails and a 1oz kastmaster and thats about it. I may pick up a dozen blood worms but thats only if the kids are coming.
During the early run I hop around a lot and have at least 4 or 5 spots that I try. I fan cast the area and usually give a spot about 10- 15 minutes and if nothing presents itself I just move on . Shallow moving water around structure near deep channels in the upper bay will hold fish. Local shore fishermen take advantage of this time . In my opinion the Spring run is the best time to fish the upper bay from both shore n boat.
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