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Originally Posted by Hayners12578 View Post
Doc from your posts I have to figure that you fish the most out of anyone I see in here so I figured I would ask you.

Do you order your bloodworms by the flat? If so, how do you keep them?
I try to get out two to three times a week and with all that is going on I'm afraid I will not be able to get any bait. I have a live well set up to keep my herring alive but bloods are a different story. Longest I have been able to keep them is a week.

Thanks and tight lines
I go through 3-4 Flats weekly so I keep getting them fresh but I use ocean salt water to spray on them for moisture.
2020 = 1986/46"/45"-51.15 lbs.
2019 = 1786/53"(Hudson1278/45")
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