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Welcome Brewman
Do you just drink or actually brew. I had brewed for a while

I think you may find one of the most popular Surf sizes is 10'-well I quess but 9' works great and is a bit easier on a jetty. Everyone has there own preferance but trying to work say a Bomber or other light plug with a heavy rod rating can be tough. It can be done but not as effectively as with a lighter rating rod. For plugging how often do you think you will throw over say 4 oz. If not often then something in the 1-4, 2-4 or there abouts may suit you better. I recentlyy got a lamiglas xs 101 ms which is 2-4oz rating but I had no problems throwing 1 oz or so plugs. What happens is when casting it can be harder to load the rod to get maximum distance and also sometime tuff to get proper action on a plug.

Biggest question is what is your price range, this can help dertemine some rods that you may like. Only you can make that decision though
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