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Default Re: License bill for RI introduce

To re-itterate, consolidate, and educate...........................
There are monthly meetings being held at various locations throughout the state.
These meetings are held by a commitee made up mostly of RISSA board members, 1 representative of DEM, and 1 member, a resident of Mass., that will soon be called to rmove himself from the board. One member represents us, the general public and a freind known to many of us here at 24/7
I am in attendance representing the educated, non-ignorant segment of the population.
I represent my club, it's Rhode Island residents, as well as those from other state chapters.
The bill that was presented to the state, had no input from DEM, no input from this commitee, or any warning it was coming.
The outcry, came not only from the saltwater anglers, but in a much louder outcry from all the other sportsman that have carried the expense of fish and game programs since licensing was created.
Watch for continuing posts and information here. I will be sure to continue to keep all concerned fully up to date, as with my last post in this thread, within minutes of my recieving anything solid.
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