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I hear ya. When I am out in Fire Island hitting the surf I will certainly travel along the beach til I see some action. I also know of a couple of good spots, jettis etc.. that seem to attract the large fish. Problem is we are seldom out there this time of year and I am forced to fish off the west side piers in Manhattan. The pier I fish now is a bit further south then the one I was fishing but I catch a lot more schoolies here and did tap into one large striper. The water is roughly 25 feet deep. I generally cast out away from the pier to avoid tangles and crabs. I almost always fish the same spot casting toward the south, parallel with land. If I go straight off the end of the pier the current is simply to strong and even 6 oz weights get pulled sharply in the current. I fear that this spot at best is just a semi good fishing spot and it is more luck then anything when I catch something other then schoolies which are here in abundunce. Trying to convince my wife to go to the beach this weekend and I will walk the beach looking for signs. I imagine they will be much easier to find in 5 feet of water then in 25 feet of water.
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