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Thumbs up Blues on the CT/RI border

Just came in from just north of the Fishers Island area. Boils of blues everywhere. Huge 100yd blitzes and we could not land a thing. Just kidding. Great fishing. Couldn't get underneath for any stripers, but the blues were tremendous. Well fed and pissed 10-15 lbs. Had the drag set at 10 pounds and had 2 fish peel off 25 yards like the bail was open. Some bit off the wire leader. Every one tested the knots to the limit. Snapped the hooks off 2 KastMasters (1oz). Anyone heard of a blue biting through a hook? Had a blast and carefully removed the hooks from about 15 blues for a clean release (100%). Just cant get myself to eat another one. Only ate one 3 years ago and that was to go get my Yozuri in its gut. Awesome day. Definitely gonna fish in my dreams tonight.
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