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Default Re: Question on primers

I've, at one time or the other, used all the products you have named... remember, the Zinsser products are made to be used on wood... I personaly have gone to the zinsser cover stain, but both the oil base and shelac based are good... because I seal with oil based product, i try to stay with an oil based primer...the shelac based primer is alcohol soluble... water and alcohol can mix, so in my warped way of thinking, it is not the best product for the job... now for your delema, think about the usage... the reason you are getting more out of the rustolium , is because it is sitting on the surface, not penetrating the wood... to eventualy it can( could) cause an adhesion problem, your finished product is only as durable as it's weakest link... that said I know quite a few talented plug builders that use Rustolium and Krylon primers and paints.. something I myself did for many years...
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