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Default Re: Help - Narragansett/Mt. Hope Bay terminology

Originally Posted by Brute_Dragoon View Post
Hey all,

Narragansett Bay: Does this include Mt. Hope Bay/Sakonnet River/Grenwich bay/etc all as one bay? Or are each places specific? I've talked to a few folks down at the marina, but when they mention the areas above and some of the lingo below, I'm too embarrassed to ask them what they mean.

Just Greenwich Bay is in the bay. All others are not.

Oceanfront: I've seen this quite a bit, and am assuming that it would be any shoreline facing the ocean. Correct?


Upper Bay: I see this loosely thrown around and want to know if this is the bay up near Providence river, Mt Hope bay/Taunton River. Or a combination of the two and upper is just that entire area in the waters between Tiverton and maybe Wickford.

Upper Bay generally known north of Prudence Island/Patience at the gut between the two. Does not include the others you mentioned.

I had a few others that I was able to research on my own and discover their meaning. ie. bunker/pogey/menhaden as just one example. Everyone calls them something different!!!

Nope! That's about it.

Thanks for any info on this! I'm just trying to be able to communicate properly with some of the folks I do end up talking with. Heck, it could help some others out too!

Tight lines!

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