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Default Help - Narragansett/Mt. Hope Bay terminology

Hey all,

I'm new to this area and been researching out the wahoo to learn more. However, I've come across some terms that I don't quite understand. If anyone could help me out that would be great.

Narragansett Bay: Does this include Mt. Hope Bay/Sakonnet River/Grenwich bay/etc all as one bay? Or are each places specific? I've talked to a few folks down at the marina, but when they mention the areas above and some of the lingo below, I'm too embarrassed to ask them what they mean.

Oceanfront: I've seen this quite a bit, and am assuming that it would be any shoreline facing the ocean. Correct?

Upper Bay: I see this loosely thrown around and want to know if this is the bay up near Providence river, Mt Hope bay/Taunton River. Or a combination of the two and upper is just that entire area in the waters between Tiverton and maybe Wickford.

I had a few others that I was able to research on my own and discover their meaning. ie. bunker/pogey/menhaden as just one example. Everyone calls them something different!!!

Thanks for any info on this! I'm just trying to be able to communicate properly with some of the folks I do end up talking with. Heck, it could help some others out too!

Tight lines!

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