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Default Re: Lamiglass-Diawa drag

Don't get this post wrong-This is one awesome reel and one of the best for several years. Well about till the release of the New Stella.
at high drag settings (over about 35#), Saltiga's drag had a felt starting inertia, that in some cases led to breakages of the stem of the smaller models, and in at least one documented case a breakage of the bail arm on a large model.
Starting inertia in a nutshell could be explained as follows: Newton says that a static body tends to stay static, and a moving body tends to keep moving. So, a static spool set at 40# of drag will not move at 40# of pull, but it will need a starting pull of anything between 45-55# to start moving, then once mobile it will start giving line at the original 40# until it stops and starts again. The difference between the drag setting and the initial pull required to start it is what makes a good drag and a bad one. Obviously, in the Saltiga a considerably big pull is required to start it moving at those very high settings, which results in a felt jerk. When the braid is too strong and the drag is very high, a breakage could result from this phenomena as illustrated in the photo above. The Stella FA/TwinPower SW did not have this jerk because it had bigger drag washers on the bottom of the spool as well as on top of it, thus achieving the same braking power at much less stress than in the Saltiga.

Looking at the entire package, and with Saltiga's single weak point exclusive to phenomenal drag pressures and even easily fixed with a cheap set of Carbontex washers.

Another Diawa worthy of a look is a Saltist. I think the mid level Diawas may be a step above many of the Shimanos. For Shimano I would also look at the Stradic and Sustain. If you go with a Diawa go may want to consider changing the dragwashers, this can also be said for the lower Shimano reels without the SW-Hyper Disk Drag. Although the Shimano Dartainium Drag is no slouch and you may not want to change them

Some of the above was copied from a testing report

One other thing is that both Shimano and Diawa both make about a dozen or more great reels that are not sold in the USA. Check out Shimano's site and slect South Asia(in English) and check out some of the reels. They have a whole Surf line not sold in the US
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