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Jersey, I looked for the rods and made the assumption that they had to be custom made lol. I won't be able to afford to have one built this year but rather than buying a production rod for x amount of money I'd rather have someone I trust build it for obvious reasons. I'll be picking up the Mojo hopefully today as long as it is still there lol. It is funny if people give you a look b/c the price point is not up to that of some other rods. There is a saying I remember as a kid, it's a poor man that blames his work on his tools. If the rod does what it is supposed to do its up to the angler to do his/her part in finding and catching the fish. I won't tell you the two rods I've been using in the Cape Cod canal but they are cheap and everyone says that they're too small and I had to retire one last year after a few seasons lol. I still have it I had zip ties, and glue holding parts of it together lol and I still caught plenty of fish with it till a striper just a couple pounds shy of a 40 did it in, actually the handle lol I was holding it together with a bear grip while wrestling it in. An expensive rod does not guarantee anyone will catch more fish. I also ultra light fish and have used many rods over the last 16yrs (omg I'm getting old lol) the one I have now is maybe a 70 dollar 5'3'' rod and the one I miss till breaking it accidentally was a 30 dollar rod from years ago. And yes I will most likely be buying a star rod this year and using it in the canal. I use both braid and mono. For braid I've been using powerpro but will be giving strens braid a shot this year. I will look for the Finz and give it a shot as I plan on having a back up spool. So many choices lol
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