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As if it weren't dangerous enough out there? I was fishing the other night. Caught three schoolies 30-35"" then a really nice clean healthy fish that begged me to take her home. I stressed this fish as it was a long fight to ensure i'd land it. As i was suspect this fish would not survive? I let it go and 15 or 20 min. Later it was on it's side. I really felt like chit trying to cast and try and snag it to then perhaps take it home butttttt...mother nature had her own idea about that. As the fish was going out with the tide the water was laid down and like a sheet of glass. I could see the dead beeotch along the channel edge another 20 min more gone by. When a large wake of water pushed the bass. Then two side to side motions of a wake. Then another push of water and the bass was gone and the water went back to being a sheet of glass. No seal that's for sure. So once again i am all by myself at three in the morning and really spooked. My night was done.. but the vision will ALWAYS be on my mind at that location thats for sure. Moral of the story? Don't kill fish. And don't get killed.

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