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As a newbie to surf fishing I have to say that this info (thanks Zim and others) is indispensable and the various accounts of experiences help to make it real.

One other bit I'll add for all us newbies is that if there are others fishing in the area and you think there is a position on the jetty or beach that would be a perfect spot to fish from, ask yourself "Why is no one else fishing from that position?"

I have a very healthy fear of drowning, but I once stepped off the eat side jetty at Moriches Inlet onto the inlet side. I did step down carefully and within two steps I realized that this was not "normal sand". I had not put my weight down fully and was stlll able to tell that this was going to suck me down.

I don't believe I was in any particular danger because I was really cautious and chose to back out immeiately. But I thought to myself as I climbed back over the jetty to the beach "Ahh, so that's why no one is fishing over there."
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