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Default Holiday Miracle in Jersey!

A letter that was shared from a Blessed surf caster in NJ from this weekend:

My name is Todd Maiorano and I am able to write this note today beacause of the efforts of many of the members of the Berkeley Striper Club this past weekend. I was fishing off a bar in IBSP and quickly found where the end of the bar was. I was washed off by a wave and the current and was unable to make it back. As I began to drift further out to sea, fear set in as I witnessed the surfcasters on the beach getting further away. With the effects of the cold water and the weight of my wet clothes and waders that were beginning to fill, I honestly feel I only had a few more minutes left in me to fight. Unable to swim back, I can't tell you the thoughts that were going through my mind, but can say they are not ones you ever want to know or feel.

I was saved by many anglers on the beach that day and I am told they were all members of your club. Because of them, my three young children will have a daddy to watch over them and I will be able to grow old with my lovely wife. I was given a second chance....and am very thankful.

There are no words I can say that can express my gratitude towards these individuals. Please share my note with them and wish them well.

Fellow Surfcaster,
Todd Maiorano
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