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Default Played in the ocean today

I went out to open water today and I have to say the bass fishing is far better in warmer water right now. I was able to catch a couple of fluke so the day wasn't a total wash. The ocean was suppose to be 1 to 3 today but it picked up quick and we hit a bunch of spots in a short time.. Lots of drive time due to conditions and the got worse the closer to home we got, I think the rollers in the ocean were better than that 2-3 and even saw some that looked like 4 chop the bay had in it today.

It was nice to test the boat and me and now that I have made a full ocean trip I have more confidence in the boat and my ability also... nice having a buddy boat with ya too... it's to bad my friend Mike lost a nice spinner rod out of the t-top crashing down on one of the huge swells
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