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Originally Posted by clarky711 View Post
Nothing in Albany/Troy area yesterday afternoon or at least nothing that would hit the sabiki rig or follow the stoolie. Temp was 42.5 in river.

This afternoon I tried the Catskill Creek with no luck, talked to two other guys in the creek with nothing either. Temp was 48.5 in creek and 44.5 in river.

Both places water was very dirty and only about 6" of vis. Soon...
I saw waldos in the creek the other day. I can't imagine getting any herring up north on a sabiki ... i've never had much luck catching them until the water hits high 40's. I can drift through monstrous schools but they wont hit.

And i have never had any luck with the sabiki i fast, dirty water.

Last year i watched guys foul hook them in the creek from the bridge and take and use them.

With the weather coming tomorrow it's gonna be at least another week up here