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The bucktail jig doesn't have to skip the bottom to catch a striper, keep it in the midwater column. In fact you'll likely snag the bottom and lose your rig. Re: your question on how fast to reel it in...You should experiment reeling it in at different speeds. Some days a fast retrieve will work well, other days slow to moderate, it all depends on conditions. It's also a good idea to turn 3 or 4 cranks of the reel, then pull back on the rod or even twitch the rod, then continue reeling. Repeat the cycle. The idea is for your lure to imitate a live baitfish, or wounded baitfish. A previous post suggested an article in this months issue of On the Water Magazine. The title of the article is Swimming Bucktails, author = Jimmy Fee, on page 26. On the Water has a website, you can google it. I'm not sure if you can get the article via their webpage. Good luck.

I tried fishing at Race Point on Saturday at sunset until dark. I tried a varitey of plugs but had no luck. There didn't appear to be much activity.
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