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when i (liked) to fish for bluefish i used that system jim.. (still have that laying around with steel in it) i upgraded it to a boat jig system as well. i now have a lightweight backpack with 2" plastic containers i have aquired along the way. were 2 bucks a piece but now are double that. these i can carry at least 20 6-8" lures around which are marked what they are. i rarely plug any more but, as you well know, when you get the fly bug nothing else really matters. the other bags i use when lazy and only wanna carry like 10 plugs and a few jigs and bucktails. and some tins. that old bag> i can't say how long i have had : but had to periodically epoxy the joints in the plastic holders as they cracked and split from tossing the bag around. (and jamming a few extra's in to make sure i had the good stuff with me.) i somehow ended up with 2 gunny4290 plugs at montauk last outing. that was strange but i am always happy to get gifts from friends and vise versa...

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