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Default Re: Tube N worm VS Umbrella rig

Good question! I'm not big on trolling but I have fished both in the past. First of all, if there are bluefish around then forget about the umbrella rig with the soft plastics and go with the tube which easily handles a blue. Also, if there is a lot of weed in the water forget about the umbrella it catchs weed was to fast. Also, if you are on smaller bass, I don't like to use an umbrella because they often get side hooked by the other rigs and then are you are releasing a hurt bass. I've found the larger bass tend to be okay and you can release them too if you want. One issue with the tube if you need to use bait for them. All that being said (and I agree with the last poster's comments) I do think that more often than not an umbrella would out fish a tube n worm. But since they are a pain in the ass you may want to go with the tube and tubes are much cheaper anyway.
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