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Default Re: Braided lines no good?

There have been several Avenger models over the years, and there are currently 2 different models available, the AV-65b and the ABF-65 (Baitfeeder model). As best I can tell, there are/were several different size spools and line capacities offered. Some of the older models are still available from online retailers.

AV-65 (330/12)
AV-65a (430/12)
AV-65b (430/12)
ABF-65 (540/12)

In addition, some of the models came with an additional spool, one aluminum and one graphite. I believe the graphite spools usually had a smaller line capacity due to a larger spool diameter. Okuma doesn’t publish braid capacities on their site, but I would think (as you do) that no matter what type of line you use, identical spool diameters should hold the identical capacity of identical diameter lines. HOWEVER, this is not necessarily true...if you go to the Shimano site, they rate their BTR 6000D (baitrunner) capacities as mono = 265/12 and braid = 210/50...and yet they claim their PowerPro 50lb braid has the same diameter as 12lb mono. Similarly, Penn states their SSV6500BLS (liveliner) capacities as mono = 330/12 and braid = 280/12...???

How you wound up with only 200 yds of 50lb braid on your reel is a mystery to me. Is the line capacity printed on the reel spool? Maybe you could pick up a spool of really cheap 12lb mono and put it on your reel and see how much it holds.
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