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Default Re: Organizing the get together.

OK,,, The Roc is officaly IN,Normaly I wouldnt leave the fish we have here, but I dont fish bass on weekends so it's a road trip.... I re read the entire post. "eelin mans paradise" got my attention..... I've got some "super sized" 2'+ snakes in one of my keepers that I will skin to make a few skin plugs with.. I'll also rig a few dead ones in case those toothy yellow eyed devils show up... The trapping has been good so I'll bring 50 or so live ones with me...
I'll try to get out and get some fresh Macks for cut bait between now and then, the blues have them scattered, but I am still getting a few in a few of my inshore spots.
The boss lady volenteered to make us a pulled pork, I may put the generator in the truck ( locked and chained down of coarse) to heat it in the crock pot, or, I just may dig out the camping gear and see what I have that can go on the coleman stove...
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