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A very nice Rod in your budget ( imay have mentioned above) is a Star Stella Lite Surf. It is a 2 piec but if you go w/ the 9 or 11' the joint is down by handleand not in the middle like the 10'. When the joint is in the middle it can effect the action of cetain rods. I have thrown the Stars 9', 10' and 11' and can say they are all worth the money spent. I don't own one yet but one is in my near future. The Stellar is starting to become a much more popular rod now that folks out there have been using them. I'm only mentioning it as what I like you may not.
One piece rods are great but a paint to travel with. I prefer a 1 piece but next 2 rods will be 2 piece-a St. Croix Mojo and a Star Stellar Lite Surf.

Another nice point about the Star is a lifetime Warranty. They are a little harder to find if you want to try one. Check around and see if anyone in your area carries them. The best place would have been at one of the many Expos that were just around. There may be some more but not sure
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