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Default From crew to Captain.

Captain Danny said it best.

"When the moon and the stars align with the wind and the tides it is time to , Fish On".

Those four ingredients were all we needed.

I was privileged to share Captain Roccus's boat last night. Knowing we had the right blend we departed at sunset.

We never saw another fisherman. Many times during the evening I would pause to reflect how beautiful it was to be on the water. The sights, the lack of sounds. The stars were brilliant.

I was the greenhorn on this trip. Navigating through the bays, the coves and the rivers could only be left to a seasoned captain. Fishing was no gimme. We worked the rail all night long. I'm going to invent a new gimmick called "Casting Counter". :)

But we hung in there. Memories of past drifts kept the spirit up as we repeated each as the tide rose to its peak.

After some minor irritation with the yellow eyed choppers, Joe boated the first fish.

The action didn't really pick up until dawn on a falling tide. It wasn't till then that I boated my first fish.

Never look a gift drift in the eye. Just start the engine and do it again.

And then.....just like was over. All the fish were released to fight another day.
Thanks Joe !

I ran the Great Bay lobster traps after a few hours sleep. Should have stayed home. 25 MPH winds coming from the south on an incoming tide. Shake, rattle and roll. 25 traps, six keepah bugs.

I need a day to adjust the line. Time to find those small honey holes of the past to sink my traps.

I have had a fish holding pen in my yard for many years. Weather had taken its toll. Armand took it home and refurbished it. Thanks Armand!

Come on Pogies.
Your eye in the Northeast sky.
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