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Default Re: Bugs and Bass Great Bay 2009

Armand came with me today. We used the alewives he caught this spring for bait. ( Darn Coalman was out turkey hunting. Where are his priorities? )

We started hot, cooled down in deep water and ended hot in 18'. 24 traps = 8 keepa's.

Checking traps at the Point we could see birds crashing the water. After all the traps were checked we took a cunner we caught in a trap, hooked him through the nostril and let him swim in the Coalman and Dad honey hole. No bites, no worries. I gotta talk to the guys who said cunners were good bait. The bass were crashing feet from the boat. And not one tug on Armand's pole. Give us a tom cod any day.

The water was glass the the bass were popping the surface as far as we could see. This is a crowd in Great Bay.

There were a few boats around throwing plastic and metal. The only one to land a fish we saw was the fly fisherman in this boat.

Thanks for the help Armand. :!: Next time on the bass.
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