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Good stuff guys.

Fer Cranks, I often see the 1st rule overlooked......Wide Wobble for warm water and Tight Wobble for colder water. I dont fish with cranks alot these days, but when I did I always thought of this first.

I also like the tight wobble around grass and weeds, and the wide wobble around structure like fallen down logs. I had most of my crankbait success running shad tones along the length of a grass line, inside or outside. Most people probably wouldnt use them for this, but I found it was a quick and easy way to get down and find sweetspots and pockets. Other than that, I'd catch the occassional bass over a rockpile, but never really used em much in awhile. The places I frequent now for LMB, including my favorite small river and small pond, are not "crankbait friendly".

I love burning buzzbaits myself. Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and Rooster Tails (inline spinners) are probably my go to "fishfinders".

We could probably move this to the Sweetwater forum?

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