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Default Re: Circle hooks

I have used circle hooks for chunking on Sandy Hook and with clam bellies in Long Island Sound and Sandy Hook. I've never used clams in the Hudson River, but I suspect that they would work on the flats.

I am curious about using them with the worms. I imagine that I would naturally thread the worms on the circle hook, but is there a different way that I'm missing?

I am all for using circle hooks with bait. It's still new to me, and I have to admit, I do like setting the hook. I guess I will have to learn some new habits. I have had success with my stickbaits and jerkbaits, but I have to admit, those extra hooks sometimes find there way into parts of the fish that I didn't intend to hook. I have taken the middle set off if there are three, and I've also replaced the back hook with a regular trailer hook. That has made a huge difference.

When it comes to bucktailing, I don't think I've ever hooked a fish anywhere but the lip. I can't see how a circle hook would make a big change there.

Thanks for setting up this thread. I hope to learn a lot from the following posts. I hope you all have been having fun keeping a safe distance and spending some extra time with your gear for this spring.

Have a great season everyone!
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