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Default Hello- Newbie to Striper fishing and this board

Hello all.

I'm relatively new to Striper fishing. I've only been fishing for Stripers for two seasons now.

I've been multi-species fishing since I was about five or six years old with my grandfather and father. I'm now in my 30s...

I've just begun to take fishing to the internet to find boards such as this for only a few years now to learn more about the disease I have: fishing. Not just Striper fishing.

I just bought a little bit bigger boat this past Summer that is now allowing me a little bit more freedom to more and bigger waters.

Being I live in Indianapolis, IN...I only saw it fitting to post in this Landlocked forum to hopefully learn more about the landlocked Stripers here in our area.

I've only ventured out to Raccoon and Patoka so far. Tried to get out to Brookville this past weekend...but we're down to just one car and I couldn't leave my wife and two month old baby girl at home stranded without a car should anything happen.

I'm looking to meet other fellow Striper fishing enthousiats to help me learm more about Striper fishing in general, learn baits, learn techniques and learn some of our local waters.

I'm sure I'm going to have a ton of questions, but I'll ease into this slowly and get a slow start.

- First however....are the landlocked, STripers in Indiana, which I do know are all sterile, ever under a closed season? I don't want to try and be fishing for them when I shouldn't be.

- For us here Indiana, as long as the water isn't iced over, can you still troll, cast and fish successfully in these late Fall months and on into the winter months?

- What waters have been producing? As I've been reading a bit, more like lurking for a while, I'm seeing the zebra mussles have really cleaned the water up down there at Brookville making things tough. How's Brookville been overall this year and more importantly...this time of year should I be able to get out over there?

- What baits are producing for a trolling bite? Being I'm relatively new to Striper fishing...what baits should I be looking into? I've been trolling two years on the downriggers with crank baits of different kinds and using the Striper Stump Jumpers jigs and the such...but what other baits should I be looking at to build up my Striper fishing arsenal? Any good "hand-made" baits from this Indiana area? I love buying home-made/hand-made baits for other types of fishing that I do...I'd like to do the same for the Striper fishing.

- Any other do's & don'ts I should know about Striper fishing in this Indiana area? I've primarily always been a catch & release guy. Is CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) embraced in the Striper community? Or are people okay with harvesting a few for table fare? I know a lot of the other species I fish for...CPR is a HUGE political subject. I thought I'd tred lightly on that at first.

Well...I look forward to getting to know more about this species and the sport.

Take care.

- Indy, IN
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