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Default A lunker of a thank you

My name is Harry and I'm from Southern New Jersey. My son, also named Harry (I know, how arrogant of me!), is 5 years old. He is the most obsessed fisherman ever! He would rather fish than go to amusement parks, eat ice cream, anything! He has easily caught between 200-300 fish this year. Everything from fluke to tog to sharks! He also fishes fresh water as well.
For the past few months, he has been obsessed with catching a Striper. He has been like Ahab and the White Whale, morning, noon and night. I have never considered myself a very good fisherman, but am learning by reading, researching, and asking questions at the bait shop and various fishing spots. Everyone has been very helpful, especially when they see Harry catching so many fish and being so excited. He is known as "Harry the Kid" or "The Fish Slayer" by all the regulars at our favorite spots.
I have read nearly every post on this website in an attempt to learn enough to help him to reach his Holy Grail of a Striper. We have gone out on a few party boats and fished from various bridges and piers but no luck.
That changed on Sunday!! Harry caught a 35 inch, 13.4 pounder! He lost his mind, pleading to the fishing Gods as 2 men helped me get his fish up the twenty feet to the bridge "Please Don't Come Unhooked!" Once we landed it safely onto the bridge he proclaimed to all of the twenty or so fishermen who gathered while he jumped up and down, "I am so lucky...I have a pretty good life!"
We could not have made his dream come true without all of the knowledge and help of all of you.
He made me take him to the Bait and Tackle shop to show the guys and weigh it in. The owners took his picture with his fish to post on the wall. He made me print pictures for him to take to school today.
From a father who has witnessed first hand the excitement and wonder on the face of his beloved little boy when his dreams come true, my heartfelt lunker of a Thank You.
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