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Welcome to the site Dogfish. On your way up to N.H. you might want to stop by Rhode Island. I'll get ya into some big cows and then you could stow it in a cooler, take it up to NH with you, and pull it out secretly when those guys are getting skunked. hahahaha

Kidding of course.

Thats ashame about the charter trip man, If a charter is what you want, i have some very reputable names for you up here. always check around for reputations before you book a trip. All charters that i would hook ya up with are Rhode Island SaltWater Anglers Association members.

I think i would have Tied up the charter capt. and fished my butt off until i went and found the Coast Guard hahaha.

Gotta watch people like that, he might have had mexicans in the hull or something.

once again, Welcome.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

aka surfcastermaster


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