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Default Crankbaits for sale

Selling 42 bass lures. All are in very good shape nothingwrong with them. The 3 spooks are not pictured (forgot to add them in photo)Iím asking 75.00 for the lot. Free ship. Picture is attached, if not just shotme email and will send. If youíre interested shot me PM or email me at [email protected]
Thanks Jim

Lures are :
Lucky Craftflat CB-D-20 1 lure
Lucky Craftjerk bait pointer SP 3 lures
Strike King5 XD 1 lure
Spro LittleJohn DD 1 lure
Rapala jerkbaits 6 lures
Jitterbugs 3lures
Lure JensenPro baits 2 lures
OriginalHeddon spooks 3 lures (not pictured)
Strike kingjerk bait 1 lure
Traps 5lures
Bomber crankbaits fingerlings 6 lures
Excaliburjerks baits 2 lures
Bandit crankbaits 2 lures
Normancranks suspended + 4 4 lures
FredArbogast spinner hula dancer 1 lure
River Runt dowing minnow ? ? 1 lure
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