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Default Hampton Estuary Report 5/21 early 5/22

Got bored and headed down to the Basshole at about 11:30pm. The tide was still rolling in. Threw out the Mr. Bunker, no hits. But the fish were jumpin'. Tried some topwater stuff, nothin'. Then tried a Charlie Graves squid tin, and finally scored 1. Although the fish were really active on top as theyve been, I didnt have time to wait until after slack tide for the low tide that has been treating me so well lately. Wish I couldve stayed longer, probably wouldve snagged a few more on the tin.

Like I said, the fish are very active. But seem to be a little finicky. I think they are just zeroed in on those Herring.

I'll be back out there tomorrow at about 1:30 or 2pm if it doesnt rain.

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