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Default need some help with rod

Hi guys. I'm not a complete beginner I've done some fishing over the years. Mostly from piers and jetty. Looking to get more into it and eventually some surf fishing.I been fishing from the pier and jettys a couple times this summer already. I have inherited 2 rods and reels from dad. The one is a ugly stick big water 10ft with a Penn 105c reel and the other is a sea striker beachrunner 11ft rod that I think is a little to big for the pier with a Penn Battle II 6000(but I've used it). What I'm looking help with is I like to get a shorter rod maybe a 7'-6" or 8' and put the battle reel on it and use it at the pier for a couple different lures and bait and maybe the surf someday. Looking for help choosing a rod. I was looking at the star stellar lite sg1525isl. Looking to spend no more then $130. Do you think reel is to big for this rod. Thanks for any and all advice
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