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Welcome to the site.... :wtg:

For your type of fishing braid versus mono is a choice issue,braid is expensive but takes alot of punishment,I prefer touse a shock leader with all my braid set ups...

Braid can be a real pain to deal with at night,if it gets a kwind knot you go ape trying to untie it....

Mono has been around awhile and still works great,it doesnt take as much punishment as braid but is a heck of alot cheaper..

as far as casting goes, braid in the 30lb class is as thin as 8lb mono,so you can put alot on,and a long cast wont empty the spool.... so it will cast fathrther...

I only have two spinners set up with braid,they are 6'6" pen power sticks with shimano 4500 BTRunners, but at night they can be a pain....

I like power pro but others like fire line,again personal preferance..
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