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Default My Setup?

hey guys.. im new and ive searched alot but not sure where i stand on this issue. i fish mainly off a pier in some rocky areas. once a week ill throw a line in from the beach in long island. mainly chunks and clam.. sometimes a live eel. ive got a 9' surf pole. med heavy and an okuma avenger av80 reel.. im wondering if i should spool this reel with braided line and what kind test etc... ive got a similar setup with mono on it i could relegate strictly to daytime beach fishing. this setup will see more use mainly at ngiht off the pier/jetty with rocky bottom. i can leave the other rod the same unless you think braided line would work from the beach too.. so does anyone think i should go for the braided line for my nightime rod off the pier and keep the beach rod the same? i could use some more casting distance from the beach as well.. also what brand and weight? thanks.
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