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Ya, great posts :) I finally got paid by 2 out of 3. So now I'm just waitin on 1 dope lol.

Thing with me is, I built my customer base on loans, no debt, no nuthin'. All out of my pocket. So like Joe, I have money in parts etc., and also cant afford to be a bank. I built a clientele with zero capital, so didnt "deepen my pockets" like some small businesses do. I make alot more than I did before I did this lol, but sometimes I also dont get the hours I used to. 50 bux an hour is great, but some weeks when its dead I only work 5 to 10 hours, and I have gone weeks with ZERO hours lol. So I cant afford to be giving away several hours of free service.

It's weird some people fully respect me for my knowledge and are so appreciative that I helped them at a rate half of every other competitor. But there's the few that have zero respect, think it's like a big joke or something lol, but STILL want solutions to their problems. It's hilarious. This is a good one........last Summer, around August I think, I had this wanna-be Italian gangster guy call me up, he ran a real estate office down in Mass.......he was telling me how his network was down and none of the people in the office could be productive and the whole world was crumbling lol. I told him that I am a 1 man operation, and was already commited to contract work that morning and afternoon, and I then told him I could be in there first thing in the next morning. Oh my god.....the guy almost EXPLODED on the phone and started mouthing off to me and basically gave me the "thats fine, I need someone here TODAY! I'LL FIND SOMEONE ELSE!!!" Click. Hung up on me. LMAO. I was laughing my ass off at how this guy acted like a total infantile buffoon. Supposedly a "business man", acting like that lol, with his wanna-be gangster voice. Talkin' to me like he can have me offed at any given moment. What a jerk-off. But here's the great thing! morning I get a call, around 11 AM (not sure why he waited this long, considering his "whole network was down"), its him, almost BEGGING me to come down and help him. "You're my guy" he kept saying. Why? Because he called around and realized that I charge exactly half what every other place or person does. At that time I had plenty of work to keep myself busy, so I told him "too late" LMFAO! "I'm already booked up solid with small business contract work". See ya!


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