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Exclamation Adding a drag gasket?

This may be a dumb question ….. but that’s why its in the beginner forum.

Can I cut and fit some sort of foam or rubber gasket to the top of the Drag housing on a reel that does not have a sealed drag or will that just stress the threads on the drag knob and cause damage? I know it will not be bullet proof but I figure it could be better than nothing. It is a spinning reel ( not sure of the model off hand / I’m at work). It does not get a lot of water in it and I rinse it religiously after every outing. I also oil and grease it often because it is not the greatest reel but I need it to last. The drag washers are a stack of, I think, 4 Steel and 3 felt washers. The last time I took the stack apart to wipe them and oil the felt there was defiantly corrosion on the metal washers. I don’t dunk the reel but it does get wet form normal use. Is there any thing that I can do to keep the salt better? I am trying my damnedest to maintain this thing until I can up grade. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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