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Default Re: Seize 3 tons of striped bass

It sounds as though The quote by the "Examiner reader was probably a friend of Mr. Colbourne or Mr. Colbourne himself defending himself publicly.
Those were my thoughts as well, Its likely if thats the case he was testing the DNR to see if he could get away with it and they gave him the rope. Otherwise why the heck allow an all day plunder?
At any rate it supplies fodder for the need for gamefish status.


I thought it might be an idea to offset commercial supply with an aqua-cultured supply through Wallop Breaux funding but then thought
It would make better sense to compensate the commercial fishing industry for not fishing for bass through the non-fishing (and non-Wallop Breaux contributing) seafood consuming public it supplies.
The % should come from the restaurant tabs.
I dont advocate more consumer taxes or fees but i do agree with a pay per use fee in this - a hypothetical case.
Im sure there is a better alternative. Ideas and dialogue are whats needed on these issues.

5 voting members out of a total of 21 on the Mid-Atlantic Council work for the commercial fishing industry.
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